Real estate can be a very fast-paced field! Renewing licenses, finding out about new rules and regulations, and learning more about the market—good Realtors have a lot of ground to cover. Naturally, you want to make sure that they stay on top of it all! That’s why Realtors and continuing education should (and do) come as a full set. We’ve got a few more reasons to back it up, too.

Wow! Can you believe we’re officially two days into autumn? We don’t want to harsh your mellow, but before you dive into trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving dinner, you have a few things to get done. Once you check these fall maintenance tips for homeowners, though, you can enjoy the season with peace of mind.

The past year-and-a-half has brought a lot of surprises. From the rise of the home office to the equally exciting rise of real estate values, we’ve all started looking at our houses differently. During that time, you may have already noticed some of these signs that it’s time to list your home for sale. Read on to determine if moving may be the right choice for you!

Before you trust us with finding your home sweet home, let us introduce ourselves! After all, you deserve to work with people you know and trust—and enjoy doing business with. So, come get to know Prestige Properties with these interesting fun facts.

Buying a home marks a big investment. What do we do after the papers are signed and the locks are changed, though? Well, a little work can go a long way. Not to mention, it can prevent you from spending big on home repairs. Or, it can help you get your place ready for the market. Whether you want to sell—or you simply want to keep your place in tip-top shape—we’ve got some ideas! Add these summer home maintenance tips for homeowners to the to-do list.

You’ve committed years of hard work and saving toward your goal. And soon, it will pay off! That’s right—you’ll officially be a homeowner. As you approach this next step, make the process flow smoothly with our tips for prepping for your first home purchase.

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