Dressing your home up for fall is always exciting and there’s a variety of ways to be unique with it. While decorating the inside is fun, there are plenty of different plants and flowers that you could use to make your landscaping stand out. It’s important to find options that can withstand the cooler nights of autumn and even winter. Some blooms actually thrive in cooler weather because heat causes them stress. Cooler weather also means you won’t have to worry nearly as much about pests and diseases. Now is the perfect time to incorporate these colder-weather plants into your landscape. Whether you’re looking at selling your home this fall or trying to spice up your new existing lawn, these six plants will make your house fit right in with the autumn mood and look appealing to buyers.

Trees and Shrubs

New seasons often mean change, and when it comes to your yard and landscaping, there are plenty of ways to add to that transition. Did you know that fall is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs around your home? These easy additions add to your curb appeal and can keep sections of your property shaded wherever they grow. Although the temperatures start to drop outside, the soil underground can maintain its warmth for some time after summer has ended. If you want to create the perfect fall look for your home, consider incorporating Oakleaf Hydrangeas or Dogwoods into your garden. These durable plants will last through the colder nights and bring brilliant shades of reds and oranges to your landscaping.


These flowers, also known as “mums”, are no stranger to the fall season and have been used in people’s gardens for decades to add a pop of color and texture. With an endless array of color choices, it’s easy to pick out some that will complement an autumn color palette. You can even plant these slightly before the season starts and they can become perennials, all for an affordable price. Make sure that when you initially put these in the ground, there’s no chance they could freeze overnight to ensure they come back to bloom again later on. These flowers are easy to take care of and maintain and could make a beautiful addition to your new house.


Sunflowers are another common choice that many homeowners try to incorporate into their gardens or landscape. The yellow color that they show off while they bloom is a staple autumn color and brings cheerful feelings to guests. The size of your yard doesn’t matter with these because they are offered in a range of different sizes, from those that can fit in your palm to the ones that grow above your head. A common type that you may consider for your fall garden is Black-Eyed Susans. These are sunflowers with a smaller center and longer petals and may be more manageable during cooler weather. Pair these pops of color with pumpkins or any other autumn blooms you have this year.


This is another popular option that you’ve probably seen blooming in some fall gardens, whether you realize it or not. Asters are a common option because they’re easy to maintain and don’t have much trouble growing consistently. You can plant their seeds anytime during the fall seasons and they’ll likely stand through a variety of climates. If you want, you could pair Chrysanthemums with Asters because they usually bloom around the same time. Their shades of pink, blue, and purple will add some contrast to your fall garden and can even last into the winter. Another nice bonus to including these in your home’s landscaping is the many pollinators that are attracted to them, so you’ll have a fun time watching butterflies pay them a visit.

Ornamental Cabbages and Kale

These unique choices will catch the eye of potential buyers and make your other plants stand out. Ornamental cabbages and kale can withstand even the freezing temperatures of winter, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them quickly. Because their size and shape provide good ground coverage and shade, their roots aren’t as exposed to any damaging factors. Having this different texture in your landscaping could be something worth trying out this fall. Even though it can be tempting, these ornamental plants are definitely not for eating, so make sure they don’t end up on your dinner table. With that being said, however, there are some small animals like rabbits and chipmunks who may not take that advice, so keep an eye out for protection!

Sedum Autumn Joy

This is a fun option and another that can add to your yard’s fall color palette. Sedum Autumn Joys can be bought in a shade of pink, but as the weather changes, so do they. Plant these in late fall and watch the vibrant pink turn to orange and brown, and sometimes muted shades of their original pink. Most of the time, when flowers start to brown, it’s a sign they should be replaced, but these can remain in your garden without appearing messy. On top of this, you could even clip off some stems from the plant during colder weather and add them to floral arrangements inside your home. These snipped-off stems can last up to weeks, and keep the feeling of autumn with them.

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