Finding the perfect place to plant your roots can be a very difficult decision for you and your family. At Prestige Properties, we are proud of our home and the many local favorites Lee County has. There are many factors and reasons why moving to Lee County is the best idea. Some of these factors include restaurants, parks, college, and shopping. There is so much to do in Lee County! With that being said, Auburn University is known for having the happiest college students. The atmosphere at Auburn is like no other. Aside from all the great food and great shops, everyone is friendly. Here are ten places to explore to get used to the Auburn-Opelika area.

1. Amsterdam Cafe

A favorite among residents is Amsterdam Cafe. This local restaurant is located on Gay Street just off-campus. However, college students love their food truck on campus. Some menu favorites include the Turkey Wrap and the Crab Cake & Avocado sandwich which was voted as one of the “100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die.” Therefore, Amsterdam is a must to try! The ever-changing menu keeps things fresh, so you can always try something new.

2. Irritable Bao

Another restaurant favorite in Auburn is Irritable Bao. You have to check out their Instagram every day to see what the menu is, which makes it so fun. The line normally extends out the door around 12:30 when popular items are on the menu for a day.

3. Toomer’s Corner

Toomer’s Corner is a must-stop in Auburn, Alabama. The famous lemonade is something any resident must try. Create your own favorite lemonade with the flavors of strawberry, cherry, peach, vanilla, and more depending on the season! An off-the-menu item is a limeade which is a delectable treat for the hot summer. You can also get various different types of Auburn University merch along with some ice cream or a sandwich. Because Toomer’s was originally a drug store, there are also some drug store necessities for sale. The history of Toomer’s Corner is expansive and is an iconic spot in Lee County.

4. Coffee Cat

One of the local coffee shops, located by the downtown Auburn shops, is a great place to stop and get a pick-me-up or do a little extra work on a day off. There are many unique menu items, one being the Jittery Cow which is an iced latte with chocolate milk. It sounds interesting, but it is definitely worth a try along with their other unique latte mixes.

5. Sidetrack Coffee Shop

Another favorite place to go grab a coffee is Sidetrack. If you are living closer to Opelika, this might be a more convenient location for you. At Sidetrack, you pick the price for your drink! Not many places give you that option.

6. Sneak and Dawdle

If you want a night out, Sneak and Dawdle would be a fun place to explore. The speakeasy is located in downtown Opelika. There are many different types of breweries or distilleries to explore in downtown Opelika as well to include Red Clay Brewing Company, Whistle Stop Bottle and Brew, and Resting Pulse Brewing Company. In Lee County, there is something for every age group. Partner with a local real estate company to learn more about the area.

7. Jordan-Hare Stadium

An important part of Auburn University in the fall is Jordan-Hare Stadium. Now that football season is here, go enjoy a game day and watch the eagle fly. Even outside of football, there is always a different type of sporting event going on around campus.

8. Samford Lawn

Samford Lawn is a great place for you to stroll on a nice day. After getting a refreshing lemonade from Toomer’s, crossing the street to Samford Lawn is almost like a right of passage. You will see many college kids relaxing on the grass, enjoying some food, playing spikeball, and families playing catch with their kids and dogs. It is the perfect place to enjoy the perfect weather and see Auburn University.

9. Chewacla State Park

Chewacla, Lee County’s only state park, is a great place to exercise, enjoy nature, or simply take in the great outdoors. There is a hike to a waterfall and many great biking trails. There is also a lake to swim in with a dock to swim to and jump off! By the lake, there is a swing set and slide for kids to play on. There is so much to explore at Chewacla.

10. Behind the Glass

Downtown Auburn has so many charming shops to choose from. Behind the Glass is another favorite. This is one of the larger shops downtown and has two stories. They have many different types of clothing and styles for various occasions and even options to enhance your own personal style.

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