Everyone has a different definition of their dream home. There are a handful of features that most people have in common when looking for their dream home. While you may not want all the same dream features in common as your neighbor, here are some popular features most people look for when buying their new home.

1. Open Living Plans

When looking for a home, many people tend to want open rooms and open concept living. Not only does it make your house seem bigger, but it is also perfect for watching your children play or when you are hosting any type of get-together. If you are making lunch in the kitchen you will be able to keep an eye on your kids playing in the living room. If you are hosting a family get-together around the holidays, you can keep an eye on the dining room to see when and which foods may need to be restocked. Open living plans are perfect for hosting and creating a convenient lifestyle for you in your new home.

2. Separate Pantry

A separate pantry is a must-have for many people. This is a way to organize and display your food in one room without having to open multiple cabinets at one time. This also helps manage your space in the kitchen more efficiently because there is more room to store appliances in the kitchen cabinets.

3. Kitchen Island

To some homeowners, an island in the kitchen might just look fancy. However, there are many benefits that make this the perfect aspect of your dream home. An island allows for more cabinets for storage, countertop space, and more seating. It is an excellent place for your kids to eat their breakfast before school because it is more casual than a dining room. Many people want more countertop space in their dream home, so an island is a perfect alternative.

4. Master Bedroom With Walk-In Closet and Bathroom

When everyone thinks about their dream home, they imagine a beautiful master bedroom. A spa-like bathroom with a bathtub and shower sounds relaxing after a tiring day. It is a must for some people to have the option to decide between taking a bath or shower after a long day. Don’t forget, a full master suite isn’t complete without a walk-in closet! Walk-in closets provide ample amounts of storage for clothing and even bedding.

5. Outdoor Entertainment

There are so many factors to consider for outdoor entertainment. Whether that is just nice furniture to gather together or a swimming pool, the options are endless. There are many brands of nice, comfortable, and even stylish outdoor patio furniture. A pool is great entertainment for hot summer days and birthday parties. When looking for a new home, you might find that you want a deck to go with your pool or other features that make up your dream yard. Having a real estate agent with you will help you find the perfect home for your outdoor oasis!

6. Natural Light

Many people love natural light shining in their home. Big windows are great for natural light and being able to see the outdoors, making anyone’s day better. This will provide you with more vitamin D and can even help you relax. It can also help you keep an eye on children playing in the backyard. If you are in the kitchen cooking or watching your favorite TV show in the living room the natural lighting from the windows will allow you to keep an eye on your kids and/or pets playing in the backyard.

7. Two-Car Garage

Many people want a two-car garage for their home. Garages help maintain your car better than keeping it sitting outside. They can also provide you with more storage to store items such as bikes or any outdoor activities. This can even be a bonus room for your home which can be used as a workshop, game room, and more!

8. Energy Efficiency

Many people are becoming more into energy-efficient appliances and features to help better the environment. Living an energy-efficient life can even help you save a little more money. For example, when it comes to utilizing solar power energy, your home will function better without the additional costs needed to run a home without solar power energy.

9. Lots of Storage

Most people and families have lots of items to store. Whether it is outdoor items for entertainment purposes, or needing a place to store winter coats, you can never have too much storage. Pantries are great places to organize your storage throughout the kitchen. You can even create storage throughout your home. For example, you can create built-in cabinets or buy a TV console with storage to go below and/or above your TV.

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