As we continue to adjust and create new “normals,” there’s one real estate trend that’s opening doors anywhere, anytime. These seven tips for buying a home remotely might make the entire process even easier!

Find the right agent.

First of all, remote buyers—and sellers—need to connect with the right agent. Beyond checking their credentials, it’s important to find a Realtor who you get along with too. Communication can have its own set of barriers from afar, so finding someone you already click with can help! Set up Zoom meetings with potential Realtors until you find a good fit.

Familiarize yourself with the local market.

Do your research. Whether you ask your agent for a list of resources or you find local real estate stats on your own, it’s a good idea to know the local market. And thanks to Google, you don’t have to go anywhere in person to find this information.

For example, if you are moving to an area that is currently a buyer’s market, you may have a slight advantage. Regardless of the local trends, understanding them is beneficial.

Start browsing online.

Thanks to multiple listing platforms and social media, searching for a home remotely has never been easier! Also, Realtors are prioritizing higher-quality listing photos to better showcase listings for buyers who are unable to see them in person.

Tell your Realtor what you want.

Again, communication is key when it comes to tips for buying a home remotely! Save your agent and yourself time upfront with clear communication.

Create a wish list (along with the deal breakers) and email it to your agent to make sure you are all on the same page.

Request a virtual showing.

Can’t travel to see the property in person? No problem. Ask your agent to arrange a virtual walk-through. This will allow you to see the property up close via video chat.

Again, it’s important to trust your Realtor who you will rely heavily on during this stage of the process.

Take advantage of due diligence.

If there is a period of due diligence, use it to your full advantage. Typically, due diligence is anywhere from 14 to 30 days, depending on the state where you are buying.

It’s the perfect time to carefully review all the paperwork, documents, titles, and deeds. It’s also a good time to schedule inspections and appraisals as well.

Close remotely.

When it comes to tips for buying a home remotely, this one is relatively new for buyers. In the past, sometimes sellers have been afforded the convenience of “skipping” the closing in person. Often, they can sign paperwork ahead of time and arrange for direct payments with their banks.

Today, both sellers and buyers can enjoy the benefits of valid electronic signatures and remote transactions.


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