Think of staging as a first impression. It will set the tone for how potential buyers feel about your home—and can even inspire them to make an offer. Whether you’re staging for online listings or walkthroughs, these tips to prepare your home for staging will help you succeed.

Go with natural scents.

Many people have allergies and asthma—which can be triggered by artificial scents. If you’re staging your home for walkthroughs, rely on natural scents. From the classic smell of baking cookies to real firs, you can make your home a welcoming place.

Try some small repairs.

Sellers, an inspection is likely in your future! Prepare ahead of time by focusing on smaller or cosmetic repairs. From sealing doors to light repainting, to filling in cracks, you can improve how your home looks.

Scrub your baseboards.

You probably don’t clean your baseboards as regularly as you mop or vacuum. So, dirt and grime may have accumulated there. Oops! It happens to us all. Make sure your home impresses, not distresses, by scrubbing your baseboards.

Use natural lighting to your advantage.

Another one of our tips to prepare your home for staging takes just a moment. By opening your blinds and drapes, you can make the home feel warm and welcoming. Don’t underestimate the power of natural light!

Remember that less is more.

What sounds more appealing to you: a wide, open room or surfaces covered in way too many personal items? The first option, for sure! Less is more. You should try to remove clutter and personal items from your home when you stage it.

Play a game of “Store or Sell.”

As you go through your home, play a little game called “Store or Sell!” If you find items or furniture that you don’t have room for, you can decide whether to give them away or put them in storage. Remember, you’ll (hopefully) be moving soon. So, you can save yourself time by selling or donating items you don’t need.

Store strategically

Speaking of storage—you should use it strategically. You can use temporary storage, like keeping items (neatly organized) in closets or attics during staging photos. Or, you can use longer-term storage, like storage lockers. Of course, that can cost a pretty penny. However, if you have a kind friend or family member, he or she may let you leave items with him or her for a period of time. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Highlight top features

Maybe you have a beautiful backyard. Or, you have all-new stainless-steel appliances. You should highlight them in photos and walkthroughs! How? For that backyard, mow, weed, and plant. For those appliances, polish them until they shine!

Only use high-quality photos.

Have you noticed how some blurry, low-res staging pictures look more like horror movie stills? We sure have! Remember, you should only use clear, high-quality photos from your home staging shoots.

Ask your Realtor for help

Your Realtor has all kinds of useful tips about staging! If you need guidance along the way, he or she will happily act as a resource for you.

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