Wow! Can you believe we’re officially two days into autumn? We don’t want to harsh your mellow, but before you dive into trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving dinner, you have a few things to get done. Once you check these fall maintenance tips for homeowners, though, you can enjoy the season with peace of mind.

Clean your gutters.

All those beautiful fall leaves have to go somewhere—and that place is usually your gutters. Make sure to safely clean them out this season!

Clear out your shed or garage.

During the fall and winter, you can officially retire your mower for the season. Before you do, though, clean and clear out your shed or garage. That way, you actually have room to store it. Not to mention, you’ll also have a spot to park your car once the temperature drops.

Get that chimney cleaned.

Folks, you may have to call in the professionals for this one! After all, it’s an important job—one that can prevent your house from burning down. Scary—but avoidable! Plus, once you sit in front of that roaring fire, you’ll be glad you took care of the task.

Inspect your roof.

You may need binoculars for this one! Once you have them in hand, inspect your roof. If you see damage, call in your roofer. And remember—you can’t neglect this task. It’s one of the most important fall maintenance tips for homeowners, so make sure you add it to your agenda.

Rake your lawn.

You don’t want to leave leaf piles just sitting there. They can actually provide a gathering place for ticks and other pests to hide—so you may want to avoid jumping inside too. Instead, rake your lawn or use a blower to remove your leaves. If you have a mower with a leaf shred mode, you can also turn those leaves into compost clippings or mulch.

Replace your furnace filter.

Before the temperatures drop, take care of business and replace your furnace filter. That way, you can have peace of mind going into the season.

Survey your home for cracks.

Windows? Walls? Doors? Your home may have hard-to-notice cracks—so you should take some time to survey for them. Otherwise, you may feel a big chill during the colder parts of autumn—and a higher utility bill too. Don’t forget to seal up any gaps or cracks!

Retire your sprinkler system.

Good-bye, sprinklers! See you in the spring. Before you hang them up, remember to drain them completely. You should also ensure that you shut off their water supply at the valve as well, along with the automatic controller. This keeps the pipes from freezing or incurring damage during chillier days.


Lookin’ good—and safe! With just a little hard work, you can truly savor all that the season has to offer. So, get started on these fall maintenance tips for homeowners ASAP.

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