The past year-and-a-half has brought a lot of surprises. From the rise of the home office to the equally exciting rise of real estate values, we’ve all started looking at our houses differently. During that time, you may have already noticed some of these signs that it’s time to list your home for sale. Read on to determine if moving may be the right choice for you!

Working from home

This is one of the most modern signs that it’s time to list your home for sale: working from home. If you work from home, you don’t need to commute every day. That means you can do your job from anywhere in the world! Whether you want to live closer to friends or family, you want to branch out somewhere new, or you want to go somewhere with a lower cost of a living, a remote job can allow new possibilities.

Needing more—or less—room

Maybe you’ve just welcomed a bundle of joy! Or, you’ve settled into an empty nest. Perhaps you’ve invited family members to move in. Soon, you realize—your house is too big or too small. That may mean it’s time to move!

Low interest rates

When interest rates drop, you have the perfect recipe for a move. After all, they allow you to save in the long run, letting you get more for your money.

A seller’s market

Did you recently get your home appraised and receive a great number? Did your neighbors sell their home above market rate—and fast? Have you been browsing local listings and noticed an uptick in pricing? You may be in a seller’s market! And, if it pairs with low interest rates, you have the ideal combination to find a new house.

Wanting different features

You loved that economical floor plan or pool when you moved in. Suddenly, though, you’re noticing how cramped the place feels or how time-consuming the water maintenance is. If you want different features out of your home, consider finding a place you’ll love, not just tolerate.

Disliking your yard

Many of us forget about the importance of yards when buying our homes. Then, as the years pass, we end up wishing we had a bigger space for the kids to play, or more trees for privacy, or a smoother terrain for easier upkeep. This time around, though, you can search for a home with the best of both worlds!


New beginnings await! Whether you want to find a place that best suits your needs, or you’re hoping to net a tidy profit, Prestige Properties can help you. So, contact us here if you’ve nodded along to any of the signs that it’s time to list your home for sale. Finally, if you want to learn more about us or the Lee County real estate market, browse our blog.

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