Having a real estate agent by your side can make or break your home buying or selling experience. While some people enjoy buying a home remotely, being able to meet with someone in person can be beneficial to the buying process. When deciding whether or not to use a local real estate company, there are different factors to consider. Prestige Properties is here to help you understand the benefits of partnering with a local real estate company.

Everyone has a different definition of their dream home. There are a handful of features that most people have in common when looking for their dream home. While you may not want all the same dream features in common as your neighbor, here are some popular features most people look for when buying their new home.

The moving process tends to put a lot of stress on you, so imagine how anxious it could make your pets. They become used to a routine and environment that they consider home, and the number of unexpected shifts that come with moving may frighten them. As one of the leading realty companies in Auburn, Alabama, Prestige Properties has plenty of new homes for sale that will make the perfect fit for you and your furry friend. Though going through this process with pets brings forth a new set of challenges, there are some things you can remember to make it a better experience. Keep reading to learn how you can make a plan for an easier move with your companion.

We’re currently operating in a seller’s market—which means inventory is low and demand is high. For many sellers right now, that means expecting multiple offers. While receiving several offers on your home may seem like a dream, all the “what if’s” could feel more like a nightmare. These five tips for navigating multiple offers as a seller may help you find the best reality!

As we continue to adjust and create new “normals,” there’s one real estate trend that’s opening doors anywhere, anytime. These seven tips for buying a home remotely might make the entire process even easier!

When it comes to investment property, purchasing it is just the first step. Not sure where to go from there? Review these eight benefits of using a property management company for your rental, for starters!

Becoming a landlord is just the beginning. From there, things can get complex—quickly.

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